EMA E-Mail Archive Appliance®

To archive business-relevant e-mail communication, you need a solution that considers all legal circumstances while remaining easy to use and powerful. We designed the EMA E-Mail Archive Appliance® as an independent system, capable of immediately starting to archive all incoming and outgoing e-mail messages after being plugged in.

E-mail messages retain their power as evidence and are stored in a tamper-proof manner, enforced through EMA®'s renowned security features, which include the encryption of archived data, digital signatures, and storage of e-mail messages and attachments in their original format.

Our user-friendly, high performance full-text search ensures that you have complete access to the contents of your archive. Required e-mail messages are easily found and can be restored at any time.

Main Advantages

Fully configured appliance designed for e-mail archiving

Can be deployed in a short amount of time

Works well with all common mail servers

Ready to use right after being plugged in

Takes legal requirements into consideration without requiring further configuration changes to do so

Offers sophisticated security and privacy protection concepts

Contains powerful full-text search capability

Allows quick access to archived e-mail messages at any time


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