In June 2014, ARTEC IT Solutions' US branch office participated at the World Forum for Foreign Direct Investment. The international conference, held 15. - 18. June in Philadelphia, PA this year, was attended by over 350 senior representatives from business and politics.

ARTEC, represented by Mr. Friedhelm Peplowski, was invited to the event's panel discussion as an expert in the field of information security. As the event targeted international investments, special emphasis was placed on the particular requirements of that sector, such as the need to fulfill various compliance and legal regulations. ARTEC has several solutions to tackle these challenges, such as Federated Search, which helps organizations remain compliant even when working in international environments with different legal peculiarities. Data exchange on an international scale also played an important role.

The World Forum for Foreign Direct Investment also allowed ARTEC's experts to reach out to several decision-makers and investors, in order to introduce the company's innovative solutions, which include EMA® and VSTOR®, to a broad international audience. The event also showed that information management, archiving, and BIG DATA are strongly gaining importance. As data and information continues to grow, companies and organizations around the world can no longer afford to ignore these topics.

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