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9. First Tuesday im Teichhaus | 2019 | Bad Nauheim | Deutschland

Bei den Business-Frühstücken des Bundesverbands mittelständischer Wirtschaft geht es um Kontakte unter Geschäftspartnern. Bei einem gemeinsamen Frühstück kann man Unternehmen der Region kennenlernen und erfahren, was die Firmen im BVMW-Netzwerk alles leisten. In diesem Zusammenhang stellt Ramon Gonzalez von ARTEC IT Solutions am 04.06.2019 von 08:30 – 10:00 Uhr die Lösung EMA® mit einer kurzen Live-Demo vor.

Weitere Informationen sowie die Möglichkeit zur Anmeldung erhalten Sie auf der Webseite des BVMW.

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Mit EMA®® sind SAP-Anwender auch bestens für die Migration auf SAP HANA aufgestellt. More

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Capturing, intelligent management, easy migration, and legally compliant archiving of SAP data

Karben, 26.09.2018 - ARTEC IT Solutions announces that the information management and archiving solution EMA® 6.0 has been successfully certified for integration with the technology platform SAP NetWeaver.

This enables companies and organizations to integrate EMA® quickly and seamlessly into their existing SAP infrastructures with SAP ArchiveLink. SAP data, as well as information from other sources, can now be securely archived in a central system that also supports digitization projects.

"For the first time, complete and secure data management across all data sources, including SAP objects, is made possible in a single system," explains Jerry J. Artishdad, CEO of ARTEC IT Solutions AG. "We are very pleased to be able to offer our customers a complete solution that meets all requirements for SAP archiving: from the integrated SAP Content Server and the certified SAP ArchiveLink interface to legally compliant data storage and the initiation of workflows. Everything works across industries in every environment, and whether in-house or in the cloud."

Capturing Metadata and Implementing Workflow Scenarios

Customers can now use EMA® as a comprehensive information management and archiving system for their SAP data and for other data sources. For example, data from the areas of ERP, logistics, human resources or finance can be entered and processed according to customer requirements. In addition to data acquisition. EMA® is also designed for typical requirements in the SAP environment. For example, metadata such as document or transaction numbers can be entered automatically and added to the archived documents for further processing. Furthermore, all standard barcode scenarios are supported, as is the OCR-based document capturing, which can also be automated. This opens up a wide range of possibilities for the integration of workflows.

SAP documents, print lists and files are also accessible outside the SAP systems via the EMA® full-text search engine. EMA® also makes the migration of existing SAP archives and repositories, which is often time-consuming, particularly simple and efficient, because it can be carried out in the background without interrupting ongoing operations.

Integrated Live Archive with High Data Security

As a holistic solution, EMA® is not limited to SAP data for archiving. By taking into account various other sources and unstructured data - such as e-mails, files, scanned documents or voice recordings - a uniform, central, and comprehensive information management solution can be implemented in compliance with all legal requirements. "We are creating a central system that will finally turn Big Data into Smart Data," concludes Jerry J. Artishdad. "EMA®'s specialized security concept also ensures that all information is reliably protected against manipulation or unauthorized access, and that it remains out of reach for cyber-attackers."

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IT-Markt | Patrick Seidemann von Artec IT Solutions über Datenmanagement in Unternehmen

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Immer wenn Daten im Spiel sind, sollen sie so schnell und so übersichtlich wie möglich zur Verfügung stehen. Das Zauberwort hier heisst Datenmanagement. Welche Hürden und Vorteile Datenmanagement für Unternehmen mit sich bringt, erklärt Patrick ­Seidemann, Channel ­Manager DACH von Artec IT ­Solutions.

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