Scan to Archive®

The Easiest Way to Archive Paper Documents

Invoices, contracts, paper files, or business correspondence: classic, paper-based documents are still manifold in every organization.

EMA®'s Scan to Archive® module provides an effective way to record the paper trail digitally, and to archive it in a legally compliant manner.

The module allows for fully automatic scanning of documents. Documents are automatically stored in your organization's archive, and EMA®'s security technologies (electronic signature, a digital date/time stamp, and encryption) ensure the documents authenticity can always be verified.

Main Advantages

Seamlessly integrates as a solution that digitally records your organization's paper documents and securely archives them

Automatic scanning of entire paper files

EMA®'s powerful full-text search provides OCR for scanned documents

Quick to set up without requiring changes to existing systems

Provides verification that documents were not modified through the use of electronic date/time stamps, signatures, and encryption

Replaces conventional, unorganized paper inboxes with a secure, digital document archive