Every organization faces the challenge of having to access all of its data and information. The statement that "knowledge is power" is given a new meaning here, because access to information represents cash capital and a competitive advantage on the market. In the era of the Internet and electronic communication, one can no longer afford to spend hours or even minutes looking for data and information.

Data and information management in local environments, branch offices, or within various departments places today's IT managers in front of unsolvable problems. In contrast, storing data is easy, and the resulting costs are, at least when compared to earlier times, largely negligible.

Organization and management, however, have become a lot more difficult, because the growing amounts of data and information still need to be administered. In addition to maintaining the infrastructure, IT departments must also be able to manage backups and archiving. A growing list of responsibilities for an IT department also inevitably increases the administrative burden. If data and information also needs to be managed in multiple locations, then the costs rise even further. This is especially true when information needs to be centralized from multiple locations.

Due to the ever-increasing flood of information, we have made it our task to develop special solutions that help you improve your organization's productivity and efficiency.

Main Advantages

We support all sources of information regardless of what mail server your organization uses or whether files are shared using CIFS or NCP file systems. Incoming and outgoing documents are fully supported, as is voice communication.

The existing infrastructure is seamlessly integrated into the information management system

The entire solution is fully based on existing standards

A powerful full-text search engine makes all information available immediately

Access to information is safe and very easy; even inexperienced users will have no problems

Easy installation and integration that requires no changes to existing processes or applications

Immediate availability of information can result in massive cost savings