Company History

Right from the start, we had the clear goal of building products that secure, manage, and store data in an efficient, clever, and durable way.

Our company developed from a provider of digital music control solutions to a leader for global information management for BIG DATA environments.

Company Founded in 1995 as ARTEC Computer GmbH by Jerry J. Artishdad

  • Initially an exclusive supplier of MO technology (magneto-optical removable memory) in the medical sector and laser memory products (WORM technology) in cooperation with Pioneer for Siemens Medical Solution and Philips Medical.
  • Focus on software control systems and interfacing in the music sector with the development of Pro-Presenta for the management of music and data jukeboxes. In addition to the digital control of background music in the hotel, trade fair and catering industries, our solution also made it possible for the first time to display current track information digitally and to display advertising messages and video sequences on one or more screens at the point of sale.
  • Advancement of jukebox technology for data storage with the creation of Alpha-Archive! and the development of a special NAS module for the Pioneer DRM-7000 data jukebox. Enabled storing and managing of up to 5TB of dat using DVD media at the time.

Focus on Data Archiving from the Year 2000

  • Additional partnerships with leading hardware manufacturers and technology partners such as HP, IBM, Pioneer and MSI, as well as further development and research in the fields of data archiving, data administration and data security.
  • Introduction of the VSTOR® Suite for storage and networking, as well as Firegate with the ANA Automated Network Administrator®.
  • Introduction of the world's first Plug & Play appliance for legally compliant e-mail archiving with EMA® (E-Mail Archive Appliance).
  • Relocation to the new ARTEC company headquarters in Karben (near Frankfurt am Main) and opening of the first international branch in Korea.

Further Modules for Global Information Management from 2010

  • Launch of the EMA Enterprise Managed Archive® product line for global storage of data from multiple sources, and in various sizes and formats.
  • Opening of United States branch office in Atlanta, GA.
  • Focus on data security through the introduction of Trusted EMA®.
  • Product range extended with the introduction of the E15000 and E25000 appliances for large companies and corporations.
  • Introduction of VSTOR® eDiscovery and VSTOR® Recovery to solve the challenges of BIG DATA.

Twentieth Company Anniversary in 2015 - The Innovation Continues...

  • With VSTOR® Vault, ARTEC launches its own enterprise storage solutions and develops new, user-friendly IT forensics solutions with eDiscovery services.
  • Today ARTEC IT Solutions AG is a leading manufacturer of solutions for digital information management, BIG DATA, global search, eDiscovery, data security, business intelligence, legally compliant archiving, and reliable mass storage.