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The ARTEC VSTOR® Vault VS Mass Storage Product Family

ARTEC's VSTOR Vault product family provides reliable mass storage solutions with high performance and high quality at affordable prices. VSTOR Vault offers perfect connectivity and performance. It supports all usage scenarios and also works well with the ARTEC EMA® product line. Optionally available extensions help scale the available storage capacity to meet your organization's needs. Your storage solution can grow as your business grows. Various software features make it easy to create a secure, high-performance storage system that offers limitless possibilities to organizations of all sizes. >Details

The cost-effective arrays that make up the VSTOR Vault product family support various architectures that are based on 12 Gbit serial attached SCSI (SAS), 10 Gbit Internet SCSI (iSCSI), and up to 16 Gbit Fibre Channel protocols. The advanced software features for visualization and backup, and the user-friendly administration interface make VSTOR Vault arrays a powerful solution for data storage, which is perfectly tailored to your organization's requirements.


Supports up to 12 GBit SAS and 16 GBit Fibre Channel arrays.

More connectivity options with 12 GBit SAS, 10Gbit iSCSI, or 16 GBit Fibre Channel technology.

Optimized high data throughput with 8 GB cache per controller.

Host connectivity via multiple protocols with 10Gbit iSCSI and12 GBit SAS, or 16 GBit Fibre Channel and 12 GBit SAS.

Compact and environmentally friendly (energy-saving) design available as both a 2U enclosure with support for 12 to 24 drives, and a 4U enclosure with support for up to 60 drives.

Compatible with 2.5" and 3.5" disk drives or solid-state drives (SSDs) and scalable as needed.

Standard software features include enterprise-ready Dynamic Disk Pools, Thin Provisioning, Site Recovery Manager (SRA) and vStorage APIs for Array Support for Integration (VAAI).

The Dynamic Disk Pools feature enables the recovery of data on failed disks. It is a new technology that supports up to 20 disk pools and 120 SSD drives.

Expandable premium features ensure high performance and data protection.


Example: 2U VSTOR Vault storage model with 3.5" disk drive.

Example: 2U VSTOR Vault storage model with 2.5" disk drive.

Example: 4U VSTOR Vault storage model.


Cost-optimized and Affordable

VSTOR Vault high-density arrays are highly reliable and fully scalable. With VSTOR Vault you can significantly increase storage capacity at reasonable cost, and without expanding your data center space.

VSTOR Vault VS3 10Gbit iSCSI SAN Storage Arrays

Thanks to the high performance VSTOR Vault VS3 10Gbit iSCSI arrays, you can significantly simplify the consolidation and management in your 10Gbit iSCSI network. The extremely fast 10GBASE-T architecture optimizes your HPC environment. You can choose between 2U enclosures with 12 or 24 drives and the space-saving VS3 enclosure with a height of 4U and high density for up to 60 drives.

VSTOR Vault VS3 Fibre Channel Storage Arrays with 16 GBit

With VSTOR Vault VS3 Fibre Channel arrays, you can expand your data center with highly efficient Fibre Channel storage that supports high data throughput. The Fibre Channel architecture offers maximum speed and is suited for environments that demand both high performance and high storage capacity. You can choose between 2U enclosures with 12 or 24 drives and the space-saving VS3 enclosure with a height of 4U and high density for up to 60 drives.

VSTOR Vault VS3 iSCSI SAN Storage Arrays with 1 GBit

The VSTOR Vault VS3 iSCSI arrays with 1 GBit are the ideal solution for consolidating your data storage. They provide high availability for Ethernet networks, and easy scalability for growing business needs. You can choose between 2U enclosures with 12 or 24 drives and the space-saving VS3 enclosure with a height of 4U and high density for up to 60 drives.

VSTOR Vault VS3 SAS Arrays

Consolidate your storage infrastructure using the VSTOR Vault VS3 arrays. They are designed for maximum performance and scalability, and offer affordable shared capacity. Thanks to the SCSI SAS architecture, up to four high-availability servers, and up to eight servers not configured for high availability can be connected. Available options include 12-GBit SAS arrays in 2U enclosures with 12 or 24 drives, and the space-saving VS3 enclosure with a height of 4U and high density for up to 60 drives.

Note: The product images used here are intended to give an approximate indication of the individual products. They may differ slightly from currently available and delivered models.