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Protection Against Cyber Attacks

Ransomware attacks are a constant threat. From hospitals to governments, medium or large companies to public institutions: no organization is really protected from becoming the target of such an attack. Experts consider ransomware to be among the most dangerous forms of malware ever.

Conventional IT Security Measures Only Help to a Limited Extent

Conventional IT security measures are all justified, but they aren’t foolproof. In general, they are reactive and only prevent ransomware attacks from already known variants of malware. New, or slightly modified attack methods come without warning and take a great deal of time and resources to discover and remediate. As a result, hackers and cyber criminals can always be one decisive step ahead.

In addition, traditional storage media and backup systems aren’t safe either. Hackers are developing increasingly sophisticated attacks that target them directly. Inconspicuously placed malware residing on storage media activates after the files have been restored. This causes double damage to systems after an initial attack. And in the end, no insurance policy can compensate for lost data, and time spent restoring operations and systems to full productivity.

Protect Your Data or Lose It

With EMA®, you can reduce the impact of cyber-attacks to a minimum, regardless of existing IT security solutions. EMA generates a completely separate, secure and encrypted copy of all relevant company data and stores it in the direct-attached VSTOR® Cyber Recovery Vault. EMA is like a "data vault" that is invisible to attacks and therefore inaccessible. With EMA, lost data can be restored in seconds with the click of a button.

Keep Data Available Without Downtime

EMA ensures that you can continue to work even in the event of an attack. EMA secures and vaults your data immediately after you set it up. With EMA, you won't have to pay that ransom or worry about whether you will really get your data back, because it protects it for you.

Contact us today and let us show you how easy EMA makes it to create a highly secure and immediately recoverable vault for all your relevant and most important data.

Further information about EMA Cyber Defense and the current cyber security situation can also be found in the following documents: