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EMA® for SAP Solutions - The ArchiveLink-certified content server

Efficiently outsource SAP documents and easily migrate to S/4HANA

EMA for SAP Solutions manages all SAP documents intelligently, legally compliant and cost-efficiently. By outsourcing the documents, the SAP system is significantly relieved and the migration to S/4HANA is made much easier. Legacy systems can be migrated without downtime. The maintenance and administration effort of an EMA is also very low.

The lean alternative to expensive DMS: EMA for SAP Solutions

Find out more in the SAP partner profile...

SAP applications such as Enterprise Resource Planning, Finance, Logistics or Human Resources generate huge volumes of documents and data. Not only must these be stored in accordance with legal requirements and protected from cyberattacks, but they also generate a large load on SAP systems. Capture and workflow processing pose a major challenge in this regard.

A DMS solution with a connected archive is often used for this purpose. However, only a very small part of these broad systems is actually used for archiving in SAP. The cost and maintenance effort is disproportionate to the actual benefit. In addition, the comprehensive DMS systems often compete with the SAP solution for the position as primary system.

EMA for SAP Solutions, on the other hand, adapts ideally to SAP. From the integrated SAP content server to the connection via SAP-certified ArchiveLink interface and scan solution to legally compliant archiving, EMA offers an ideal complement to SAP.

Information Lifecycle and Data Management

Whether FI, ERP, LE or HCM: EMA securely stores SAP documents of all types from capturing through the complete lifecycle to timely deletion, including SAP print lists and database reorganization files. The live archive offers every employee a full text search of all archived documents within seconds.

Low maintenance and administration

Conventional archives based on SAP ArchiveLink generate continuous effort for maintenance or database administration. EMA offers an elegant solution: With just a few standard settings in its SAP base system, it is integrated in a direct way and ensures a fully automated, smooth process, without the use of additional middleware. No daily backup and no further support is required.

Legal Hold Management with EMA

Frequently, information for the preservation of evidence in legal disputes has to be painstakingly gathered from a wide variety of sources - which is extremely time-consuming. With EMA's high-performance full-text search, necessary searches can be completed quickly. This not only saves nerves, but also time and money.

Maximum security On premise, in the cloud or hybrid

All data is digitally signed in EMA and stored absolutely unchangeable. This means that they meet all legal requirements, such as those from the German Data Protection Act (DSGVO). Residence times of documents can be managed conveniently, if desired by user groups, automated, and with monitoring of the administration.

With the integrated storage manager, the data stock can be distributed to several storage media and locations. The VSTOR® storage series, which is perfectly matched to EMA, is particularly recommended for this purpose. All other standard storage and WORM systems available on the market are also supported. With ARTEC's own WORM technologies, any conventional storage can also be easily converted into a WORM medium. EMA's sophisticated security concept reliably protects data from unauthorized access - whether on premise, in the cloud or hybrid.

ARTEC technology in detail:

  • Metadata synchronization
    Archived SAP documents can be supplemented fully automatically with metadata and these can be queried via RFC call. This can be e.g. file name, author, description, SAP object, object ID and document numbers. You can also add any other metadata from SAP business objects.
  • Live migration of existing content repositories
    Migrations with EMA are silent and without downtime. Existing documents, print lists and database reorganization files stored via SAP ArchiveLink are migrated from any SAP ArchiveLink-compliant legacy system to the EMA SAP Content Server during operation.
  • Data capture and document capturing
    EMA offers capturing and processing of documents for various SAP scenarios, late and early filing with barcode, up to fully automated assignment to SAP business objects or entry into workflows.
  • Permanent SAP system relief and migration to S/4 HANA
    EMA makes SAP databases lean, significantly reducing time and complexity in the migration to S/4 HANA. This saves time and money.

EMA for SAP Solutions at a glance

Archives SAP documents securely and cost-efficiently

Substantial relief of the SAP system

Easy migration to S/4HANA

Hassle-free setup and integration

Very low maintenance requirements

Migration of legacy archives without downtime

Adding metadata

Support for barcode scenarios for SAP data entry

Effective solution for eDiscovery

Certified ArchiveLink interface

Certified integration with SAP NetWeaver

In-house, in the cloud and hybrid


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