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Firegate VPN

Connect Cloud Data and Hosted Applications Securely

Companies and organizations that outsource important applications such as archiving and information management as well as the corresponding data to the cloud often face a crucial challenge: their own IT infrastructure is protected excellently and the cloud environment or the external data center appears to be optimally protected according to today's standards. But what about implementing secure access for exchanging data between these two ecosystems?

Firegate VPN was developed specifically for this purpose. Our particularly easy-to-use appliance-based IT security solution is specially designed for connecting individual locations and systems securley via the cloud. This enables companies and organizations to provide highly secure access to hosted data and applications.

Easy Setup

Commissioning a Firegate appliance is very easy. ARTEC preconfigures each appliance using an IP address, a gateway, a subnet mask and DNS servers supplied by you. We also fine-tune the configuration based on information about your infrastructure. After delivery, you can provide the required access permissions so that, for example, ARTEC's archiving services can access all necessary data sources. Your advantage is that sensitive information does not have to be transmitted to ARTEC for access.

Connection Setup Without Configuration

Each Firegate appliance is unambiguously and unchangeably linked to its trusted remote endpoint, which it can find at any time using only an existing Internet connection. All of the settings required to make this work are stored inside the appliance and are protected by hardware-based Trusted Computing technologies. This eliminates the many steps that are usually requred for configuring server addresses, communication ports, authentication methods or protocols. It also eliminates the the need to generate keys for secure communication.

Easy Client Integration

Instead of configuring VPN access on individual clients, Firegate makes it possible to perform central administration of access control for all devices. Clients can gain access to the VPN via freely selectable authorization methods.

Perfect Fit for EMA®

Firegate VPN is perfectly suited for ARTEC's product lineup. Firegate VPN can be used, for example, to implement controlled and protected access to in-house servers for ARTEC archiving and information management appliances hosted in external data centers. Conversely, Firegate VPN installed on-premise offers secure access to hosted ARTEC solutions, enabling a wide range of application scenarios, such as remote monitoring and maintenance and externally hosted archiving-as-a-service.

On the one hand, Firegate can provide secure maintenance access channel for ARTEC support to your EMA appliance. On the other hand, an externally hosted EMA archive can connect to your corporate network for tasks such as synchronizing folder structures and file servers, or restoring archived data.

Trusted Computing

The high security level of Firegate VPN is underlined by the use of Trusted Computing technology. Our solution offers maximum protection against manipulation through the use of a Trusted Platform Module (TPM). Your data is save even if the actual appliance falls directly into the hands of unauthorized third parties, for example through a break-in. More importantly, Trusted Computing also provides the methods to verify the integrity of appliances remotely. Every time a connection is established, the hardware and software configuration of the remote endpoint is first checked for unauthorized manipulation. These properties are linked to the identity of each appliance, which is also secured by hardware. This makes authentication performed by Firegate a highly secure process.

Higher Security Standard Compared to Normal VPN Solutions

From a technical point of view, firegate VPN creates a secure encrypted tunnel between your network and a cloud data center. Security is significantly higher compared to common IPSEC-based VPN products. In addition, Firegate VPN is extremely efficient and offers high-performance.

The Advantages of Firegate VPN at a Glance

Secure access to hosted data and applications by connecting locations with encrypted channels

Highly secure end-to-end encryption for the transport of sensitive data

Simple integration into your network within a very short period of time

Fully pre-configured appliance

Web-based configuration interface with high usability

Works with any standard router or Internet connection

No firewall configurations required

Maximum security and protection against manipulation through the use of Trusted Computing technology

High performance due to special data compression

Uses hardened AOS operating system with enhanced security

Works perfectly with other ARTEC solutions

Also available on a rental basis


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